May 2022
Hold That Thought

Johannes Langkamp, Art Collart
Hold That Thought is a walk through the work of visual artist Johannes Langkamp. This book is a reflection of an archive with (digital) works of art, experiments, (kinetic) models and their documentation. In it moving images are brought to a standstill, only to be put in motion again by its reader. Walk, run, detour, stroll. Discover this book about motion, in motion.

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2022, 144 pages, 220x300 mm, ISBN: 978908299325

€ 28,00 incl. 9% VAT

Dec. 2022
Het is jij of ik

Marilou Klapwijk
The book Het is jij of ik by (visual) artist Marilou Klapwijk is a search for the irreducible aspect of the other. An amazement at the variety of perspectives. With an archive of images and texts taken from (digital) life, she shows us that valuable grey.

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2020, 200 pages, 170 x 245 mm, ISBN: 9789082993295

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Apr. 2019

Lorena van Bunningen
Movements is the result of attampt to capture the ‘being ongoing’. A state which plays an important role within the proces of artist Lorena van Bunningen, while searching for a composition based on the suspense between the displayed elements and their balance.

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2019, 14 pages (leporello), 96 x 290 mm, ISBN: 9789082993226

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