Arabic is still in my quotidian, yes it is.
Krai(y)tem, Siwar
اللغـــــة العربيـــــة لا تـــــزال، لا تـــــزال
ســـــــوار قريـــــــــطم

Since moving to the Netherlands, Siwars’ focus on language and multilingualism have been her driving force. In early 2021, she wrote two letters to her mother tongue, Arabic. This diary-like series responds to those two letters, documenting Siwars’ evolving relationship with the language since moving to the Netherlands, mainly as a testament to herself and a way of keeping her promise to the language.

Artist: Siwar Krai(y)tem
Title: Arabic is still in my quotidian, yes it is

Printer: KIOSK Rotterdam

Size: 10,5 x 29,7 cm
Number of Pages: 28
Print: RISO

Edition: 100

Arabic is still in my quotidian, yes its is. is part of the Publishing Dialogues series. With the Publishing Dialogues series we want to create a space for small scale experiments with texts and/or images. Not to publish a definitive, immutable object, but to make a suggestion. One that is open to improvement, revision, call-and-response, iteration, or even a full negation. Part of the series are text/works by: Annabelle Binnerts, Siwar Krai(y)tem, Eileen Ryan, and Alexander Roidl.