“Veri’s time was running out, it was late November and as the sun disappeared so did the color on her wings. As ice moths grow old their cells begin to crumble, becoming fragile enough that the wind can take their wings. The remainder of their lives is spent on the ground looking up.”

Eileen Ryan

Beetle galleries (unique patterns beetles make underneath the bark of trees), can be read as a pictographic language carved in nature. This collection of stories, CODEX, is a speculative transcription and interpretation of beetle galleries found in Portugal and Finland in 2022. 

CODEX is part of the Publishing Dialogues series, by artists/authors who explore language as an instrument and construct. With the series we want to create a space for small scale experiments. Not to publish a definitive, immutable object, but to make a suggestion. One that is open to improvement, revision, call-and-response, iteration, or even a full negation.

Title: CODEX
Artist: Eileen Ryan

Design: Art Collart
Printer: KIOSK Rotterdam

Size: 10,5 x 29,7 cm
Number of Pages: 12
Print: RISO

Edition: 100

€ 8,00

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