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Unformed Informed (Publishing) is a publishing studio within the arts, with a special interest in artists who explore language from a literary perspective, as an instrument, or construct. The outcome is the result of a close collaboration with artists. The framework of each project is determined by the collaborations within which they arise. These frameworks not only determine the document itself, but also the conditions under which they are being published.

Unformed Informed (Publishing) is an initiative of curator and editor Rianne Zijderveld. It is a self funded organisation with the addition of project-based funding.

Publishing Dialogues
With the Publishing Dialogues series we want to create a space for small scale experiments with texts and/or images. Not to publish a definitive, immutable object, but to make a suggestion. One that is open to improvement, revision, call-and-response, iteration, or even a full negation. Part of the series are text/works by: Annabelle Binnerts, Siwar Krai(y)tem, Eileen Ryan, and Alexander Roidl.

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Binnerts, Annabelle
Two Rooms

Kim, So-Yeon

in progress

Krai(y)tem, Siwar
Arabic is still in my quotidian, yes it is.
ســـــــوار قريـــــــــطم
اللغـــــة العربيـــــة لا تـــــزال، لا تـــــزال


Petrović, Katarina, 
Negative Bible
in progress

Seničić, Maša
With the force of a thousand rivers,
in progress