Pointing At Things Is The New Writing, the first booklet of a series of three, features the works of artist Jeannette Slütter and includes a transcription of a conversation with fellow artist Francesca Hawker. The series will delve into the concept of oeuvre, inviting the reader to participate in a dialogue about what it means, how it's defined, and how it evolves over time. We invite you to join the conversation and explore the world of oeuvre with us, and we hope to meet each other again in the second and third booklet.

Made possible by the generous contribution of Stroom Den Haag and Stichting Stokroos.

Title: Pointing At Things Is The New Writing
Artist: Jeannette Slütter
in conversation with: Francesca Hawker

Designer: Ruben Verkuylen
Editor: Rianne Zijderveld
Text editor: Francesca Hawker

Printed by: Tripiti (Rotterdam)

Size: 180 x 260 mm
Number of pages: 28
Paper: Arena Natural Rough 100 gr
Print: 2/2 offset print
Binding: stapled

Edition part 1: 250
ISBN part 1: 978-9-08299-326-4
ISBN set: 978-9-08299-327-1

Language: English

Part 1 - € 12,50

Set: € 30,00

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