Het is jij of ik,
Marilou Klapwijk
“Dit boek gaat over jou en mij. Wij zijn.
Ongeacht onze relatie, geschiedenis, afkomst, rijkdom, uiterlijk, welzijn, geaardheid, geslacht, leeftijd of persoonlijkheid.

Maar wat blijft er dan nog van ons over?
(Je mag kiezen wie je bent. Toch?)

Zoals altijd, of zoals altijd zou moeten zijn.
Het is jij of ik”

The book 'Het is jij of ik' by (visual) artist Marilou Klapwijk is a search for the irreducible aspect of the other. An amazement at the variety of perspectives. With an archive of images and texts taken from (digital) life, she shows us that valuable grey.

All this comes together in a book in which 200 pages are filled with poetry and photography, found and/or collected in her environment, or written in response to this. Within this, a monologue takes place, a monologue about the dialogue that is conducted on a daily basis. Online and offline. Between acquaintances or to an anonymous audience. With an astute look at human expressions, Marilou shows us her love for the relativistic interruptions in the everyday that leads us through different perspectives and opens our view of the other and of ourselves.

Marilou Klapwijk
As an artist Marilou doesn't feel tied to material or medium, she chooses what the project, idea or commissioned work asks for. She works as a graphic designer and illustrator on commissions, made several murals in the area of The Hague, a series of objects called 'Nothings' and a number of videos called SKEM in collaboration with Mye_taai, for Alice Ellis
Title: Het is jij of ik
Artist: Marilou Klapwijk

Language: Dutch

Text and images: Marilou Klapwijk
Design: Marilou Klapwijk
Editor: Rianne Zijderveld

Font: Roboto, Roboto Mono
Paper: Arena natural bulk 100 gr (inside),
Arena natural rough 300 gr (cover)
Size: 17 x 24,5 cm
Pages: 200

Edition: 500
ISBN: 9789082993295

€ 40,00 incl. 9% VAT

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