Hold That Thought
Johannes Langkamp

Hold That Thought is a walk through the work of visual artist Johannes Langkamp. This book is a reflection of an archive with (digital) works of art, experiments, (kinetic) models and their documentation. In it moving images are brought to a standstill, only to be put in motion again by its reader. Walk, run, detour, stroll. Discover this book about motion, in motion.

Johannes Langkamp’s (Rotterdam, NL) work arises from wonder, curiosity, and experimentation. Consumed by the question ‘What happens if…’ he searches for the unexpected. Through an ever-expanding archive of his work — videos, photographic techniques, kinetic models, and spatial installations —Langkamp studies the interplay between process and result. These outcomes (finds or failures) capture moments from our everyday life, simulate movements, or facilitate ways to interrupt our viewing habits. Exposing material that broadens our view of reality itself.

Title: Hold That Thought
Artist: Johannes Langkamp
Designer: Art Collart
Editor: Rianne Zijderveld

Size: 220 x 300 mm
Number of pages: 144
Paper: Munken Pure Rough 240 gr (cover), EOS 2.0 100 gr (interior)
Print: 4/1 Offset print
Binding: Stitch and Knot with black thread

Edition: 600
ISBN: 978-9-08299-3-257

Language: English

Including a text written by Sandra Smets specifically for the book (in NL, DE and EN).

Gabriël Juursema
Sigrid Kullmann

€ 28,00

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