Lorena van Bunningen

Movements is the result of an attampt to capture the ‘being ongoing’. A state which plays an important role within the work of Lorena van Bunningen, while searching for a composition based on the suspense between the displayed elements and their balance.

The photographs included in this leporello book are fragments from a long process in which Lorena made several compositions with the same elements - a bar, a piece of rubber, and the floor. 

Title: Movements
Artist: Lorena van Bunningen
Design: Lorena van Bunningen, Evelien Jaspers
Text Editor: Oscar van der Kruis

Printer: Tripiti

Size: 9,6 x 29 cm
Number of Pages: 14 (leporello)
Print: 4/1 Offset print

Edition: 250
ISBN: 9789082993226

€ 18,00 

This is one of four publications created as part of the INDEX program edition 2018/2019. The index program was an annual program by Meraki Agency in which artists where stimulated by means of conversation to make an analasus of their artistic practice. Then translate this, or a part of it, into an artists’ publication.

Program coordinator: Rianne Zijderveld
Graphic consultant: Ruben Verkuylen